Your View Is Seven – Most Rated TV Programme In Nigeria

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Today only reminds us of how powerful women can be when they stand together. The eloquent women of the most rated programme in Nigeria ‘Your View’, have been one of the few inspiring, daring, articulate and passionate individuals who have been a blessing to the screen of many Nigerian homes.

The professionalism that has been portrayed by these ladies in the area of broadcasting and undiluted journalism cannot be overemphasised.

For seven years, the ladies have been active in commenting on loopholes and salient issues in Politics, Family life, Crime, Marriage, and so on; the debate on the show has improved clarity of topical and controversial issues in the country leading to remarkable changes and justice as the case may be. So far, the ladies of Your View on TVC have become a source of hope for black women in the world.

Your View on TVC will always be consistent in creating change, giving a voice to the voiceless and serve as a hope to the hopeless; you can still be a part of the biggest Television family in Africa;