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Expired on: Mar 30, 2020


Position: Online Editor/Researcher, TVC News

Purpose of Role: The Online Editor is responsible for generating and editing the ‘news’ content for all TVC News online assets (Website, YouTube, App, Social Media platforms) and has quality control oversight of all digital assets.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Lead online news coverage, and manage the online team.
  2. Take responsibility for the news areas of all TVC News digital assets, ensuring consistent high quality, good ‘inclusive’ writing, plenty of visuals and timely uploads.
  3. Take a quality control oversight of all content across all digital platforms to ensure clear and logical writing, sensible links to connected areas, and striking relevant images.
  4. Hold regular meetings with Online team and assign them to research and cover news stories, features, specialist interviews and other original content.
  5. Personally, take on a significant part of the research and writing, while taking responsibility for, and checking the work of Online team.
  6. Originate new ideas, and propose ways to pull together or link stories thematically and geographically, and to add in-depth coverage on issues.
  7. Maintain close working relationships with staff from Projects, Creative team and Broadcast to keep abreast of the latest news and developments.
  8. Ensure compliance with normal legal frameworks, including special requirements and permissions for the young, vulnerable, or those involved in court proceedings, applying the laws of copyright and defamation, and referring to DN & HCCPR if in doubt.
  9. Any other duties as reasonably required.



The position requires at least five years’ experience as a journalist writing for significant news operations, broadcast or print, or associated online service, possibly a local newspaper or radio/TV station, or mainstream website.

Some previous supervision of fellow journalists desirable, as well as physical editing of website content. Significant exposure to the need to deliver copy quickly, accurately and with flare against the pressure of regular deadlines.


The job requires an able writer of accessible, engaging, accurate copy who has vision and determination and is able to lead other team members to produce quality content to deadline. Must be able to work under pressure, against deadlines.



Degree level education, Online content creation certification.


Job Type: Full Time
Sorry! This job has expired.